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Home Electrical Services by Top Rated Residential Electricians in Calgary

Ampt Over Electric has been helping homeowners in Calgary with electrical services for decades. We are licensed and insured residential electricians with an A+ BBB Ratings and we are top rated Calgary electrical contractors around the city. Trust our Electrical Service and Electrical Code Guarantee!

Our electricians in Calgary are friendly, punctual, and provide fast service without compromising high standards. Contact us if your looking for someone to get the job done right guaranteed.

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    Locally Trusted Residential Electricians in Calgary

    Our licensed, courteous, and friendly team of electricians in Calgary are here to help our local homeowners and businesses. We are born and raised Calgarians with over 16 years local experience in the city.

    Whether its rewiring older homes to meet today’s code requirements or finishing your basement, our Calgary electricians can handle it! We have worked for thousands of customers in Calgary and have kept an unbreakable sterling reputation.

    We specialize in Tesla home charger installation, hot tub electrical installation, and electrical panel upgrades however, our residential electricians have worked through complete home renovations, energy efficient lighting upgrades, new home construction, aluminum wiring replacements and much more.

    There is nothing in Calgary that our master residential electricians can’t handle. If there is something on the commercial side that you are looking for our commercial electricians in Calgary are extremely sought after.

    Our Residential Electricians Code & Safety Guarantee

    Every job that our residential electricians complete at Ampt Over Electric comes with a Code & Safety Guarantee. All equipment and materials we use meet or exceed electrical code in Calgary.

    All necessary electrical permits will be acquired in house my us and all proper electrical inspections will be completed. We ensure 100% compliance with electrical standards and safety on every project we work on.


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    Residential Electricians for New Home Construction

    New home construction requires adequate pre-installation planning and teamwork, It is best to have someone with
    residential and commercial electrical experience. You will need to determine if you want an energy efficient smart home electrical system or something more traditional amongst a plethora of other decisions.

    The success to any new home electrical installation begins with hiring the best electrical contractors so that your house is not only safe for your family but also has the functionality that you desire. With our vast experience at Ampt Over Electric working in commercial and residential new building construction our
    residential electricians can help you make the right choices and get the job done!

    Custom Home Building with Residential Electricians

    Choosing the right electrical contractor that offers various services that meet your expectations is important if you want the job to be done well the first time. While being fully licensed and having a good reputation is important, you want to work with a team that has plenty of experience to get the job done correctly, safely and efficiently.

    You also need an honest team of electricians that communicates concerns properly, and they are able to explain what needs to be done in the event problems arise while working on your home.

    Electrical emergencies that are out of your control can occur at any time, for instance, when power lines get downed during or after a new home construction. A professional electrical contractor will there for you and offer fast response emergency services so that you don’t experience any downtime or left stumbling around the dark. Additionally, an experienced residential electrician will keep you up to date about various developments during the entire electrical installation process.

    New home building is exciting, and while certain glitches are to be expected, once you have made up your mind about going ahead with the construction, it’s important to have a healthy budget at hand.

    You should also determine when you want the job completed. Some electrical service contractors are able to complete projects that would normally take six months in less than three months, therefore, have a realistic timeline and hire professional contractors that can perform the required task within the expected schedule.

    Lighting Upgrades and Additions Calgary

    Home Lighting Electrical Services by Residential Electricians

    Your homes comfort and functionality relies, in part, on the lighting within. A great way to improve the overall look and feel of your home along with the value is to upgrade the lighting. This could also mean improving the energy efficiency of your home saving you money long term.

    We would be greatly surprised and impressed if you have a home lighting system in Calgary that we have not seen. We are experienced are happy to help guide you to making the right decisions by helping choose the perfect home lighting to install, improving the function and overall look of your kitchen and home.

    LED Lighting Upgrades and Energy Cost Savings

    With lighting, our homes are safer, cozier, and more welcoming. Without it, we would have a very hard time doing things after dark, which sometimes means after only 5 pm for us Albertans in the dead of winter.

    Unfortunately, around a quarter of the worlds energy is used for lighting which is why LED lighting upgrades have become so popular. LED lights use up to 85% less energy than conventional light bulbs and last 25 times longer than your regular incandescent lights.

    LED lights can replace any standard 40, 60, or 100 watt light bulbs as well as replacing the bulbs in track lights, pot lights, fluorescent lights, under cabinet lighting, and almost any lighting around your home or office. Changing your regular incandescent light bulbs to LED lights can improve your home’s energy footprint and be an effective step in making your home more green!

    LED lighting is probably the biggest improvement in lighting systems since the first light bulb was invented.

    When it comes to LED lighting upgrades, they can be built into almost anything and they use a fraction of the energy used in any application. Just because you’re saving energy and money doesn’t mean you have to forgo style. When our residential electricians complete LED lighting upgrades for our customers we can use countless unique designs and the local Calgary electricians at AMPT Over Electric can take care of the lighting installation for you.

    aluminum wiring

    Residential Electricians for Aluminium Wiring Replacement

    Homes built between the 1960’s and early 1970’s likely contain aluminum electrical wiring because it was a cheaper alternative to copper. Statistically, homes containing aluminum wire are 55 times more likely to have a fire.

    Aluminum wiring is a fire hazard wherever the wire is spliced or makes a connection with an outlet, switch, circuit breaker, or other component of your electrical system. Additionally, aluminum wire contracts and expands with temperature changes, which can result in overheating, sparking, and fires.

    If you are concerned about aluminum wiring in your home please contact one of our residential electricians as soon as possible to prevent and cause of harm to your property or your family.

    Signs your home may have Aluminum Wiring

    1. Sizzling or crackling sound from inside the walls
    2. Circuit breakers or fuses that trip for no apparent reason
    3. Strange odour or the smell of burning plastic in a certain area of your home
    4. Unusual static on the radio, television, or computer
    5. Cover plates on switches that are warm to touch
    6. Intermittent but persistent flickering of lights that cannot be explained

    If any of these signs are familiar in your home, please call or email our residential electricians at AMPT Over Electric to book an inspection today!

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    Residential Electricians for Home Energy Efficiency

    If you are looking to reduce your energy costs, increase the comfort of your home, or manage lighting within your home, then AMPT Over Electric has the experienced residential electrician for the job. We can assist you in choosing the best option for you and your home.

    There are ways in which you can save money by making your home more energy efficient. Changing your appliances, weather stripping your home, or switching to more energy efficient electrical system components can make a huge difference in your home’s energy consumption.

    Contact our Calgary electricians today and find out how on how you can reduce the energy consumption of your home.

    Quick Tips for more Energy Efficient Home

    Dimmer switches replace your regular wall switches and enable you to control the strength of your lighting or ceiling fans. You can vary the intensity of the light or power going to the fan which decreases the energy you’re using. This option is a convenient and user-friendly way of making your home energy efficient.

    LED lights are another amazing option. They can make a big impact on your energy usage because LED lights use up to 85% less energy than conventional bulbs and last 25 times longer than your regular incandescents.

    Energy Efficiency Packages by Our Residential Electrical Contractors

    • Energy Efficiency
    • Reduce Electrical Consumption
    • Reduce Electrical Bills
    • Home Automation
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    Residential Electricians for Home Electrical Inspections

    You will also require a complete residential electrical inspection to ensure your property’s entire electrical system is in good working order and in accordance with national and local electrical codes.

    An electrical inspection before buying or selling a property is mandatory. Our certified residential electricians may check things like heating, fire safety, electrical wiring, smoke alarms, electrical panel, outlets, etc.

    If the property you live in or are intending to purchase is older than 10 to 25 years at it may have outdated wiring that can cause safety hazards. Noisy electrical, smoking from outlets, burning smells, discolored outlets, dimmed ceiling lights, aluminum wiring and tube wiring, etc., are all indicators of dated wiring that pose significant risks and need immediate action.

    Residential Electrical Inspections for Home Sellers or when Renovating

    Even if you aren’t experiencing any issues with your electrical system and are planning on selling your property or renovate a new space, you are going to require an electrical inspection. Your property may not pass inspection according to today’s safety standards.

    An electrical inspection in Calgary can be completed by our residential electricians in a very short time frame. Taking all the necessary precautions is important and will give you the peace of mind knowing that the wiring in your home will not pose a risk to anyone.

    Our Calgary electrical company can employ several precautions such as installing safety switches on all circuits in your switchboard or installing a surge protector to reduce electricity spikes that can damage your appliances. You should also inquire about electrical inspection services if you suspect that your electrical appliances, power outlets or electrical wiring may have been affected by water damage.

    Additional services you can expect from a Calgary electrical inspection from Ampt Over Electric include:

    1. Testing power points, lighting, safety switches, power boxes
    2. Checking for any electrical hazards such as exposed wires, dated wiring and uncovered permanent wiring
    3. Checking the home for any DIY wiring
    4. Testing and upgrading dated smoke alarms to code
    5. Electrical code inspection
    6. Electrical troubleshooting and repair
    7. Maintenance of earthing connections and switchboard
    8. Installing a Residual Current Device (RCD)

    Whether you live in a brand-new property or older, to have a safe home you need regular electrical inspections to ensure all electrical fittings and installations are properly maintained and up to code.

    A certified residential electrical contractor will also give you a certificate of compliance as proof that your property has been checked and complies with electrical regulations.

    Top Rated Residential Electricians 9

    Home Appliance Installation by Our Residential Electricians

    If you’ve recently purchased a new washer, refrigerator, dryer, or freezer, you already know that lugging that big box inside is only half of the work. Installing major appliances is a serious job that often involves tapping into your home’s water, electric or gas systems.

    Don’t waste your time with half-hearted do it yourself tactics, instead call the Calgary electricians at AMPT Over Electric.

    AMPT Over Electric employs full-service home appliance installation professionals and can have your brand new appliance up and running in no time.

    Top 5 reasons to use our Residential Electricians for Appliance Installation

    1. AMPT Over Electric only employs fully licensed and insured professionals that will provide the highest standard in service while installing your home’s new appliance. It is our priority to complete the work while exceeding industry code standards.
    2. We will provide you with a free estimate prior to beginning work so that there are absolutely no surprises when it comes to your Appliance Installation. We want to make sure you know exactly what you are paying for and are comfortable with the price prior to beginning any work in your home. We only expect payment once the job has been completed to your satisfaction.
    3. AMPT Over Electric provides honest and reliable service. With over 16 years of electrical experience, the professional technicians will ensure that the job is done right the first time. We want to make your life easier, and give you one less thing in your busy schedule to worry about.
    4. At AMPT Over Electric, we know that you work hard for your money. We want to make sure that the service we provide you is competitively priced so that your dollar goes as far as possible while still receiving the highest industry standard in service. Think of it as getting the friends and family discount. Every time.
    5. We work around your schedule! At AMPT Over Electric, we know time means money. We ensure that we do our best to arrange your service on the best day, at the best time for you! We want to make this process as convenient and easy for you as possible!
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    Home Electrical Wiring by Our Local Residential Electricians

    When it comes to the interior wiring of your home or office, it’s best to leave the work to the experts. There is no room for error in the installation, maintenance and problem solving of your electrical system.

    At AMPT Over Electric, our residential electricians specialize in all types of indoor and outdoor electrical service in Calgary.

    If you are planning to repair, renovate, or upgrade your residential electrical services, our licensed and professional electrical experts can help. Our technicians have over 16 years of experience in all types of wiring work and will ensure that the job is done right the first time.

    Most Common Home Electrical Wiring Services

    • New Construction
    • Older Homes
    • Commercial Properties
    • Outdated Office Buildings
    • Below Grade (underground) Electrical Systems
    • Amp Service Upgrades
    • Outlet and Switch Installation and Repair
    • Phone, Cable, Computer Networks and DSL
    • Wiring and Rewiring
    • Hot tub Electrical Installations
    • Landscape Lighting
    • Sub Panel Installations
    • Appliance Installations
    • Speciality Lighting
    Top Rated Residential Electricians 11

    Circuit Breakers, Outlets, and Switch Replacement by Residential Electricians

    Circuit breakers are the safety switches in your electrical panel that protect your home’s electrical devices and wiring. To repair or replace any breakers in your electrical service panel please call and schedule an appointment with us today!

    If you just moved and are looking to customize your home, or update your older home, replacing your outlets might be the simplest way to freshen up your space. Whether it be updating the older outlets with tamper-resistent or GFCI parts, repairing a damaged outlet, installing an additional outlet, or improving the look with a different colour outlet, our residential electricians are happy to help.

    Top Rated Residential Electricians 12

    Residential Electricians for Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no colour, odour, smell, or taste. If you are exposed to a high amount of CO gas you may become sick, unconscious, suffer brain damage, or in extreme cases, die.

    If you are exposed to CO gas you may experience flu-like symptoms such as headache, nausea and dizziness, as well as become confused, tired, and lose consciousness. Other warning signs that you might have CO gas in your house include stale or stuffy air, a lot of moisture on your windows and walls, soot build-up around appliances and vents, or a pilot light that keeps going out.

    AMPT Over Electric is all about safety for you, your family, and your home. The installation of smoke or carbon monoxide detectors by one of our certified
    residential electricians can bring you the peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are protected.

    Top Rated Residential Electricians 13

    Residential Electricians for Home Surge Protection

    Electrical surges cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in electronics and appliances annually. AMPT Over Electric’s expert technicians can help you prevent this loss today!

    Power surges can take many paths into your home’s electrical system. Lightning can take the path of the cable box or satellite dish, through incoming electrical service lines, or through incoming telephone lines. Short duration electrical disturbances like these are not from storms alone but happen on a daily basis in varying degrees of severity. As infrastructure related to power supplies becomes more and more dated, these surges increase in frequency and severity.

    If your home is not up to the code standards of your area, AMPT Over Electric’s electrical surge protection specialists can install home surge protection.

    Calgary Electrical Services

    Residential Electrical

    Commercial Electrical

    Electrical Panel Upgrades

    Hot Tub Electrical

    Tesla Charger Installation

    Aluminum Wiring

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    Our Calgary Electricians Service Guarantee

    At Ampt Over Electric we pride ourselves on being honest hardworking professionals. We do our very best to respect you and your home or business while delivering an enhanced experience through our commercial electricians and residential electrical services in Calgary.

    All of our staff are accompanied by a master or journeyman electrician so you can rest assured that the electrical work done is completed by certified, competent, and experienced electricians.

    Calgary Electrical Code and Safety Guarantee

    Every job that our electricians complete at Ampt Over Electric comes with an Electrical Code & Safety Guarantee. All equipment, materials, and service provided meets or exceeds the electrical code in Calgary.

    All necessary electrical permits will be acquired in house my us and all proper electrical inspections will be completed. We ensure 100% compliance with the Alberta Electrical Codes and Standards on every project we work on.

    Ampt Over Electric Homestars

    10/10 (42 reviews)

    Ampt Over Electric Inc. BBB Business Review

    Ampt Over Electric
    Based on 47 reviews
    My dad just sold his house and we were told that the panels should be upgraded by the inspector.. said that they were very old and out dated, a possible fire hazard. I am happy we picked Ampt Over Electric as our electrician because his pricing was not overly high and the work was done quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend.
    Claire Wilkins
    Claire Wilkins
    21:11 23 Apr 21
    I chose Ampt Over Electric because of the high reviews online and would like to say all the great reviews check out. Ampt Over Electric has a hard working team who delivers nothing but the best quality of work. I am very thrilled with the amount of time and effort Jorden has put into our panel upgrade. The price of his work was very reasonable and we just overly pleased with it all.
    Erica Conyers
    Erica Conyers
    20:33 22 Apr 21
    I have just started looking at buying a new Tesla car and was informed that I would need an at home charging station. I started pricing out different companies across Calgary, and stumbled upon Ampt Over Electric. We discussed pricing and my options. The price was the best I found online and I am happy with how Jorden runs his business. Our home charging station is amazing.
    Diane Alves
    Diane Alves
    00:07 21 Apr 21
    We are brand new home owners and have decided to do a couple upgrades. We saw the google reviews about Ampt Over Electric and gave him a call. We needed a couple things done and we felt confident with Jorden after we spoke. His team is very professional and they are all hard working. 10/10 would recommend.
    Ashley Wozniak
    Ashley Wozniak
    03:52 14 Apr 21
    We are flipping a new home to sell but recently came to a big halt with previous electrical work. All of the wiring was a disaster and the panels were very outdated. We called Jorden at Ampt Over Electric and were able to get seen right away. His pricing is fair and his quality of work is outstanding.
    Naomi Ryan
    Naomi Ryan
    15:35 12 Apr 21
    My girlfriend and I just got our new hot tub installed this weekend by Jorden. My girlfriend was the one who had heard good things about Ampt. We called and got a very fair quote and ended up booking him right away. From calling for the quote up right until the installation and clean up, we are very pleased with the high quality of work. We found our new local electrician.
    Coady Read
    Coady Read
    15:25 12 Apr 21
    I asked for a local electrician who is an expert at upgrading electrical panels on local community Facebook page, and was referred to Ampt Over Electric. We spoke with Jorden and worked out the pricing and were very happy with how much it was going to cost, so we went ahead with the upgrading. Jorden's work is transparent, and there were no hidden fees! We really appreciated his hard work, and all the time he put into making sure that everything was up to code.
    Carrie Campbell
    Carrie Campbell
    21:27 10 Apr 21
    We bought an older home that needed a lot of electrical work. After searching all over google for good reviewed companies we decided to go with Ampt Over Electric. Jorden is a very professional, kind, and hard working engineer. I am happy we went with a small local company. If you are looking to upgrade your electrical panels we think you should support this local small business, you will not be disappointed.
    mary keane
    mary keane
    18:49 10 Apr 21
    I moved into my new home and have had to upgrade our panel, a friend recommended Ampt Over Electric as a reliable and friendly electrician. I am happy to say that the entire experience with Jorden and his crew has been a pleasure, they are a very reliable and professional company. We can now enjoy our new hot tub thanks to Ampt Over!
    Lisa Sullivan
    Lisa Sullivan
    18:46 10 Apr 21
    100% best service. Thanks Jorden for taking time out of your day and helping out my family and restoring power to the other half of our house.
    Amanda VanB
    Amanda VanB
    18:00 23 Mar 21
    Jordan and Ryan did the electrics for a Sauna installation. The service and quality of the work was excellent and they knew exactly everything I wanted regards detail and keeping the wiring tidy. It was extremely cold outside at -19 but that made no difference they cracked on and got the job done and had a great attitude. Very professional in their work and I would definitely recommend for any electrical work. Reliable, punctual, reasonably priced and very professional.
    Emily Trewick
    Emily Trewick
    05:21 06 Feb 21
    Jordan and the team helped us move a hot tub from Calgary to Canmore. Very professional, job was done in a timely manner and the team made sure the hot tub was level, properly situated and wiring nicely placed. Great value as Amp was priced very competitive, and great that they can do the move as well as all the electrical work.
    Christian Skogen
    Christian Skogen
    00:52 10 Nov 20
    Ampt Over Electric was amazing in hooking up our hot tub. Jordan was punctual, responsive and communicated with us every step of the way to ensure we were happy and comfortable with our interactions with him and his team while performing work during the COVID pandemic. He is extremely customer focused and performs high quality work. We are extremely satisfied and will recommend the Ampt team to our family and friends.
    Alicia Haymour
    Alicia Haymour
    23:52 06 Jun 20
    Excellent service on multiple occasions. Jordan is highly knowledgeable, efficient and very friendly. I definitely recommend Ampt Over Electric.
    Jim Norris
    Jim Norris
    17:26 09 Dec 19
    Jorden and andrew were amazing to deal with. They were clean and courteous when working in my house. I received updates and pictures as well. I would highly recommend Ampt-over in a heartbeat to anyone. Too notch service.
    Mishel Prichard
    Mishel Prichard
    21:35 07 Dec 19
    Jorden and his crew are fantastic. They are hard-working, polite, and professional. If you have any electrical needs these are the guys to call! They are very considerate and always put the client first--great service!
    Michelle Gerard
    Michelle Gerard
    00:20 07 Dec 19
    Jorden is an awesome guy, extremely hard working and goes the extra mile with exceptional customer service. For any electrical needs this must be the go to place !!!!!
    Alex Dube
    Alex Dube
    19:32 05 Dec 19
    I hired Jorden to wire in a new hot tub. Jorden was running a little late but called and asked if I was ok...that was a nice touch. When he arrived he assessed the job and properly got to work. I found Jorden to be very communicative and personable. He understood what needed to be done and did it very efficiently. When it came time to turn on the hot tub he noticed that one of the fuses on the tubs board was not functioning. He the ran all over town looking for the right fuse and replaced it. Then the hit tub wouldn't turn on. After he called the hot tub company and tried to figure out what wrong, he eventually had to leave with the hot tub not working. Turns out the hot tubs motherboard was defective and had to be replaced. I found Jorden to be extremely careful and effecient and would definitely recommend him for any electrical needs.
    Greg Thomas
    Greg Thomas
    22:52 28 Apr 19
    I would highly recommend Ampt Over for electrical work. Jorden was great to deal with. He was easy to reach and was able to fit in our renovation schedule with minimal effort. He was on time for the work and did his worked quickly and efficiently. We passed our electrical inspection by the city with no hassles.
    Katrine Konopnicki
    Katrine Konopnicki
    16:07 01 Mar 19
    I would highly recommend Ampt Over for electrical work. Jorden was great to deal with. He was easy to reach and was able to fit in our renovation schedule with minimal effort. He was on time for the work and did his worked quickly and efficiently. We passed our electrical inspection by the city with no hassles.
    Katrine Konopnicki
    Katrine Konopnicki
    16:07 01 Mar 19
    Honestly best service! Very friendly, professional and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the work. Even helped out with suggestions and ideas for placement. Would highly recommend Ampt Over Electric.
    Michelle Landry
    Michelle Landry
    03:40 01 Mar 19
    What a pleasure dealing with AMPT Electrical!Outstanding customer service. Calls were promptly returned, and appointments on time. Professional, as well as personable, AND reasonable pricing. We highly recommend AMPT!Susan & Mike
    Susan Weckerle
    Susan Weckerle
    20:22 20 Feb 19
    Jorden was very professional and courteous. I was very pleased with the reno and got him to do some other projects around the house. We would highly recommend him.
    Scott Stansbury
    Scott Stansbury
    05:01 13 Feb 19
    Very pleased with the outcome of this service! Jordan was awesome about getting back to us with answers to any questions we had throughout the process. Would recommend him to others.
    Nicole Tofin
    Nicole Tofin
    02:51 08 Feb 19
    Maintenance manager at a hotel. I have used Ampt for electrical work on small and large projects over the years. Always looks great and always to code.
    don capone
    don capone
    17:19 05 Feb 19
    We had the guys do the electrical hookup for our hot tub. The guys were polite and informative. They finished the job on budget and without any headaches. We would highly recommend and would definitely use them again. Thanks again guys!!
    Chris Turgeon
    Chris Turgeon
    03:00 05 Feb 19
    Jorden was very knowledgeable and professional, they finished the contracted job on time and within budget, I will definitely be using Ampt Over Electric for any future projects, as well I’ll be referring him to friends and family.
    Trevor Wilde
    Trevor Wilde
    02:50 05 Feb 19
    I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and punctuality that Jorden provided. He kept me and my husband informed throughout the entire process. I highly recommend AMPT Over Electric for all your electrical needs.
    Ashley Young
    Ashley Young
    14:33 04 Feb 19
    The guys at Ampt Over were amazing! We renovated our office and did a lighting upgrade. Would use and recomend these guys again!!
    Tavis Loveday
    Tavis Loveday
    04:42 04 Feb 19
    Been working with Jorden Mccullough from Ampt Over Electric for more than 10 years. He is the the most educated and thorough electrician that I know. If you are looking for someone to do the job right the first time for honest competitive pricing, Call AMPT!
    Corey Hayes
    Corey Hayes
    05:24 05 Apr 17
    I am so impressed with the service provided by this company. The guys came when they said they would were very fast efficient tidy and polite. The prices were very reasonable too. They were hired by my employer to do some repairs at my office. Shortly after I required some electrical work done at home and hired them to do it. I highly recommend them
    Jane Audet
    Jane Audet
    04:46 15 Dec 15
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